Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This is a scheduled post, as I am very busy with work and with the recent arrival of my other half. :)

I can now officially say... I'm addicted to cards! LOL.

Spent the weekend creating cards. Although I was only able to create two, as opposed to last weekend's four. My Mom immediately snapped the first card, for her bestfriend's birthday next month, thus I wasn't able to take photos of that one. :D

Why "Celebrate?" Because my hubby is finally home safe. His work is based overseas, in Bahrain, and I'm sure everyone knows what's happening in the Middle East right now. He was supposed to be home early January, even before the protests occurred there, but due to some delays, was only able to arrive last Sunday, February 26th.

Below is a close-up of my DIY hand-made ribbon flower, with twisted red copper wires. I looove it!!!

Oh, I also sprayed the orange cardstock with Maya Road's irridescent pearl mist for added effects.

Another close-up of the popped up hearts, which gave the card further dimension.

Lastly, the chipboard where I got the title for my card.

Dedicated to my hubby and to all those who are celebrating the safe arrival of a loved one.

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adele holcomb said...

Your card is every bit as pretty as your LO's. I know you are relieved DH is home safe and sound. Hopefully he doesn't have to go back that way for a while!